Why are we here? Studio of interior design and architecture is a form of existence of an idea or aesthetics: minimalism, energy efficiency, sustainable development ect. The project is primarily the embodiment of a certain idea, reflection on the future or rethinking the past. Architecture quietly permeates life every day, but largely determines it. Floor, ceiling height, color scheme, natural and artificial light, location of the workplace and bed are all important details that affect everyday life.

By interior design studio we mean people with a common understanding of what is good and what is bad, where you can live and where you can’t. On the other hand, the sign of the living is development, growth, change, so they are also open to dialogue and other points of view. However, ideas do not exist in a vacuum, there are always people who want to make them part of their daily lives, they are customers. It turns out that the customer imagines the result, and the studio knows how to achieve it, this is a short answer why hire an architect.

The long answer is why hire an architect. Architectural education involves various courses, it is difficult to attribute to technical or humanitarian, because in practice you will need knowledge in both areas and a little bit of intuition. The task of such a specialist is to understand the client, develop solutions and explain how to implement it. It is necessary to be able to communicate with people, listen to them and explain their decisions, have artistic taste and at the same time know exactly how the concept depicted on paper should be embodied in the material. Architectural and interior design is a synonym to planning, the main task of which is to avoid surprises during construction, because they always affect the budget. In addition to communicating with the client, the architect must also keep in touch with contractors, monitor progress, and provide clarification. The services of an architect or designer are not cheap, it is true, but they are still cheaper than mistakes that can be made without a specialist. In short, the project is designed to give an accurate instruction for ​​the desired result and monitor its implementation at all stages.

And what’s the idea? The idea that was mentioned at the beginning should permeate the whole project and all stages of work. This is a guideline that provides the basis for any decision. According to the principle of academic drawing “from general to individual”, it is useful to constantly return to the original; this allows you to avoid guesses and remember the whole idea.

Context and situation. We imagine the project as a kind of phrase that must be said appropriately, timely and clearly. Words without context have little meaning and are likely to be ignored.

Unlike artists who work with clean canvas, the architect always has a “background” for his work, whether it is a natural or urban landscape, the new building must interact with it so as not to be taken out of context. One of the main directions of the studio’s work is the design of private houses, so we often deal with the natural environment and consider the minimalist approach the best in such situations. Its essence is that due to the narrow color palette and natural materials, to pointing up the basic categories: simple geometric shapes, composition, play of light and shadow, volume and emptiness, these are the common features of imported architecture and the situation in which it should appear.

Program and script. The house is a story about the owners. Zoning, type of planning, purpose of rooms, decoration and many other details, these are all solutions that make up an entire picture of their daily lives. Without defining the priorities and wishes of the client, compared with lifestyle, design loses its meaning and individuality. Based on the habits of the residents of the house, a program and scenario are formulated as a list of premises and zones, their approximate areas and purpose. In the book “The Timeless Way of Building” the author claims that cities consist primarily of our brightest memories, and the same applies to housing, the main things are people, events and memories.

Minimalism, eclecticism, common sense. In the coordinate system described above, it is difficult to find a place for a particular style in a modern interior design studio. It is convenient to imagine design as an atlas, where finding the necessary page, you can find out what details will be able to assemble a project in a certain style, it is only a tool of communication between the customer and the architect. Style cannot replace an idea, so in almost every case it is transformed, mixed with other styles and interpreted. From this point of view, the studio is guided by its own taste, proven solutions and readiness for further experiments.

Practice. Although the studio is a team of like-minded people open to dialogue, they are always experts in various fields. An integrated approach allows them to take into account the subtleties, nuances and details of the project, consider it from several perspectives at the same time, and anticipate risks and opportunities. But the project is only half way, the implementation is still ahead, and we want to entrust it to proven partners. Due to a base of contractors and suppliers, own construction crews and many years of cooperation with reliable furniture companies, we realize projects of various types and levels of complexity. The studio realizes projects all over Ukraine, in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Odessa, Zaporizhia and other cities. You can read more about our services and prices here.

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