FA Interior

The starting point of this project was house planning. The developed scenarios fit perfectly into the architecture of the house, so the changes were minimal and concerned purely technical requirements. The apartment is designed for a family of three people, for whom to receive guests and protect the privacy of life are equally important. Thus, on the first floor a large open space of the studio was formed, in which an autonomous guest block opens, and on the second floor the personal space of the owners appeared.


The semantic center of the project is a studio, divided in two equal zones of living and kitchen with a dining room. The interior is made of two main materials: light tile with onyx texture and dark veneer, this combination of warm and cold, light and dark reveals a pure geometry of the space. In order to balance such a contrasting picture, in the soft area warm shaded furniture was chosen. Stairs are the main accent on the first floor, they attract attention because of a mixture of white and almost weightless fliers with massive metal pipes between the stairways.

Guest bedroom

The guest bedroom maintains the tone set by the studio: the same materials are used here, but in a slightly changed proportion which is enough to shift the emphasis from graphics and restraint to peace and quiet, and change the mood of the room. The brightest thing in this room is the white panel behind the bed, which helps to hide doors on both sides; in front of the bed is a light cantilever rack. Painting here means that lack of screens in the bedrooms is fundamental for the owners. This principle also led to the decision to arrange an office on the ground floor — to work in a place for rest seems wrong for them.


The office is the darkest room on the floor, this color scheme is devoid of bright color accents that could disrupt the atmosphere of deep silence and concentration. For productive work, lighting conditions play a decisive role: the main light is provided here as spotlights, local one directly for the workplace and natural, controlled with dark curtains and light transparent blinds.

The same basic materials were used in all rooms on the first floor, only their ratio changed to create different moods. The only room that has a bright accent is a small bathroom. Black tile, wood-textured tile and red paint are used here. In order not to compress space that is already small, one of the walls is decorated with a full height mirror; decorative backlit is also widely used.

Master bedroom

The geometry of the second floor was largely determined by the architecture of the house. Since there is a need to hide the beams, the geometry of the first floor is replaced with streamlined shapes, in particular, in the hallway and the master bedroom, the joint of the walls with the ceiling is decorated with plasterboard with decorative lighting. The headboard was also designed specifically for this project, an entire canvas shades the white walls of the light floor.

Child's bedroom

Only the child’s room did not need a streamlined joint. Thanks to the sloping roof and ceiling windows, the room resembles a tree house. This image is supported by a large window overlooking the two-height studio. It also serves as an additional source of light as there is a workplace nearby, so the issue of lighting is fundamentally important.

  • Facts and figures
  • Team
  • Project FA Interior
  • Year 2019
  • Location Ukraine, Kharkiv
  • Status Finished
Maksym Muratov
Alesya Manko
Olha Shatkovska