X House
The main facade of the house is oriented to the northeast, common areas  are concentrated on this side: studio and kitchen with dining area. The bedrooms are oriented to the southwest – the house is clearly divided into public and private blocks.

The main space of the house is a double-height studio with a light staircase leading to the balcony of the second floor. They are made of two materials: metal strings and wooden landing tread, a fence is composed out of glass in the aluminium profile. Due to the light construction and materials inherent to the whole studio, the stairs became an organic part of the interior. The studio flows into the kitchen and dining room, which is connected to the environment in the same way – through the glass. The only private space on the ground floor is an office, connection with the environment plays a special role here: it creates conditions for full concentration, moderate work.

Terraces encircle the second floor, creating a connection with the environment, and cantilevered roofs protect them from the bright sun, allowing you to be in the fresh air at any time of day. They are lined with a terrace board – another link that connects the house with the context. The master bedroom is arranged as a separate block, it has access to its own bathroom and wardrobe on one side and a terrace on the other.

The priority of the project was to put the house in context not changing it. Therefore, basic categories became the theme of the project: play of light and shadow, objects and voids, contrast and nuances.

In particular, reserving all existing trees was an important task. The house interacts with the environment due to panoramic glazing, letting it into the interior and erasing the visible boundaries. The situation and the house mutually penetrate each other, creating one whole.

Construction and material

Cantilevered roofs and terraces of the second floor, which create a broken graphic around the main volume, are made of reinforced concrete. Porcelain, metal, wooden elements, fiber cement panels were used for facades. The materials used for the facades played an important role in implementing the concept, determining whether the house would fit into the context.

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  • Project X House
  • Location Ukraine, Kharkiv
  • Year 2018
  • Status Finished
Maksym Muratov
Tanya Borodaienko
Olha Shatovska