The entrance area has no clear boundaries, but is a logical part of the studio. The atmosphere here is created by a variety of lighting: a combination of natural light, the main top and delicate vertical lighting – all this plays together with glossy surfaces and shiny metal details.

Kitchen + dining room

The studio, dining room and kitchen form an enfilade – from the bright and transparent hall of the room gradually gain dark tones. The bright facades of the kitchen are supported by white stone table top, in contrast, a kitchen island painted in copper for contrast. Next we go to the dining room, where the use of frosted glass on two sides, a panoramic window and a large sideboard are noticeable – so the room is surrounded by glossy surfaces and looks bigger than it really is.


The large living room space and two-storey windows give room for maneuver and allow to thicken the colors a bit: around the colored soft area there is a rhythm of dark and light materials, reminiscent of the rhythm of the facades of the house itself. Although the living room is intended for residents to spend time together, there is a place near the stairs where you can be alone, but not isolated – a small pocket with bookshelves, armchairs and vases. So through the semi-private space the common block gradually flows to the bedrooms.

Guest bedroom

The plot of the guest bedroom is dictated by warm tones and blue accents, wooden furniture and a pattern on the walls that reminds a lace curtain – such a combination always looks familiar and is associated with your own home above all.


To create an environment that sets up for work, but is not tiring, the office combined two different themes: on the one hand a dark bookcase with lots of details, on the other – white walls, light furniture, a minimum of decor.

Swimming pool

The annex contains a swimming pool, gym and lounge. Here the main role was given to the environment, which penetrates the premises through panoramic windows – the theme of integration is inherent in the whole project, and these premises are no exception.

  • Facts and figures
  • Team
  • Project MM Interior
  • Location Ukraine, Kharkiv
  • Year 2018
  • Status In progress
Maksym Muratov
Alesya Manko
Anna Andrianova