X House is a project that is developed from construction and architecture to furniture and decor, due to this fact the interior and exterior form a complete picture, single visual row. Basic categories were the main theme of the project: work with simple geometric shapes, the play of light and shadow, the contrast of two materials. This created a clear graphic picture on the outside and dictated the inside logic. The interior concept is based on the alternation of warm and cold materials, light and dark colors with decent accents. The best space for the realization of such a plan was a studio: a double-height space with panoramic windows, which let in enough light to experiment with dark tones. From the beginning, the architectural project involved ​​a studio with soft borders: it flows smoothly into the kitchen, the fireplace area is separated with a transparent partition, and the stairs lead to the open balcony of the second floor. In short, almost the entire space of the first floor can be examined without any obstacles.

With such a planning decision, arises the question: how to divide it into zones so that all residents were comfortable and cozy? The studio is divided into two zones, first one is for together time or guest hosting, it is represented by a soft group with a coffee table in the center and a TV, the other one is a place hidden from view with two chairs by the fireplace. They are separated by a transparent partition composed of thin strips of corrugated glass and metal. The selected materials create a delicate balance of light and dark surfaces, dark green and mustard furniture on this background look like accents, although such furniture is usually considered as neutral. As for lighting, the choice fell on a spectacular chandelier over a soft area and a floor lamp with the same broken geometry. A cantilever staircase leads to the second floor, which due to its construction looks almost weightless: wooden steps held by a metal frame and a glass fence. The final touch is a subtle backlight.

An organic continuation of the studio is the kitchen, it is located in a kind of “pocket”, partially isolated. Panoramic glazing is also provided here, so it was possible to continue the theme of contrasting materials and add dark colors with no doubt. The division into zones here, however, is conditional, because there was no need to physically separate the kitchen and dining table, so the use of contrasting colors becomes not only aesthetic but also functional: the ceiling above the work area is covered with dark veneer, for the dining area white gypsum was used.


Let’s move on to the personal spaces of the residents. The office is on the ground floor, it is a bright and spacious room, maintained in the same logic as the studio, only in a slightly different interpretation. The vertical rhythm here is created not only by alternation of light and dark, but also by texture of veneered panels and geometry of furniture.

There is also a repeated trick from the kitchen: areas for work and rest are divided on the ceiling by veneer and gypsum. This room is the only one in the house that gives the impression of minimalist, because there is only the necessary furniture, and the main thing is space and air, which penetrate through the window to the full height of the floor.

Master bedroom

In the master bedroom generous decoration meets functionality, the main emphasis here is the headboard, which was individually designed for the project. It consists of two parts: glass and wood, rails create a distinct relief and set an active vertical rhythm. The headboard completely envelops the back of the bed, its motif is repeated even on the ceiling, creating a soft atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.

However, this element works not only as a decor, it separates the living area from the doors to the bathroom and wardrobe. It is important to separate the transit areas from the functional ones, because this is how the main purpose of the room stands out and the necessary mood for rest, sleep or work appears. However, there are things that are just pleasing for the eyes: the wooden slats on one of the walls resonate with the headboard, and we also chose a few mirrors as decoration.

Master bathroom

The interior of the master bathroom is designed with the same approach as the bedroom, it is difficult to say what is more important here, aesthetics or functionality. The role of this room, of course, is not limited to its trivial purpose, and the main role in this impression is played by natural light. In addition, there are light shades, marble patterns, black accents. Although, like all rooms, it is made in accordance with the main concept, without going into the analysis we can say: we choose this version of the room just because we like it.

Child's bedroom

Children’s rooms traditionally differ from other rooms, because it becomes a difficult task to develop a space that the child would like right now and would not get bored of it over time. Both bedrooms of this project are easily transformed as their residents grow, the only thing that distinguishes these rooms from the rest of the house are the fact that light surfaces alternate not with dark ones, but with the texture of light wood.

On two opposite walls of the first room, relief gypsum panels are used, whic create an unobtrusive pattern of light and shadow due to the light from the window. White color is complemented by furniture and a window frame made of light veneer, and bright accents complete the image.

The second room, in turn, seems more adult – there are no bright colors that would be reminiscent of toys, and in general is dominated not by white, and light veneer. Due to this proportion, as well as due to the plastic shape, the white cantilever desk attracts attention. It echoes the facades of the cabinet, which occupies almost the entire wall – thus marking the work area.

  • Facts and figures
  • Team
  • Project X Interior
  • Location Ukraine, Kharkiv
  • Year 2017
  • Status In progress
Maksym Muratov
Alesya Manko
Olha Shatkovska
Yana Rogozhinska