Comfort is always about individuality. Of course, talking about comfort, we imagine a conventional house with a triangular roof, window and chimney, in other words a number of stereotypes, where you can hardly place, for example, black colour, stone or metal. However, when it comes to specific projects, it is impossible to derive a universal formula. There is only a general principle: the house is, above all, a space where you can be yourself.


The apartment has two levels, and according to this principle is divided into private and common blocks. All walls of the first level were dismantled in order to arrange a bright, spacious studio. The color scheme is based on a combination of dark wood texture and clean canvas of white walls. The large-format porcelain tile with a drawing of marble is used as an accent, three plates form a sliding screen to hide the window. This replacement of textiles does not fit into the idea of comfort, but it is atypical solutions that reveal individuality the best.

Black metal is also not the material that comes to mind when we imagine a warm and soft interior, but it was perfect for the minimalist, weightless composition of the stairs. They conditionally separate the kitchen area from the living room, and resemble origami, suspended on thin threads to the ceiling. Here we can see how fully functional things can be aesthetic in themselves and set the aesthetics of the space where they are.

Master block

The master bedroom is solved as the separate, independent block, with its own wardrobe and a bathroom. Texture of the wood unites the project as a dot line, in the studio it serves as an element of decor or furniture, but in the master bedroom it acquires a functional meaning, namely, allocates the bed, slightly enveloping it, thus marking the living area. The room is designed exclusively for relaxation, there is only room for bed and a beauty table. Its light construction and large round mirror with backlight create such a geometric composition, which looks both functional and decorative. The Raduzhnyy project is built on alternating light and dark, clean canvas with drawings, combining common ideas of comfort and bold decisions that turn a “house with a triangular roof” into a home created for the needs of real people.

  • Facts and figures
  • Team
  • Project Raduzhnyy Apartment
  • Location Ukraine, Kharkiv
  • Year 2019
  • Status Finished
Maksym Muratov
Alesya Manko
Maria Ganzha