Master plan
As a result of the military aggression of the Russian Federation and the bombing of the city of Kharkiv one of the most affected areas is Northern Saltivka. Therefore, this area was chosen for the sketch project for reconstruction.
Northern Saltivka is one of the youngest districts of Kharkiv. It was built up with typical 9-, 12- and 16-story panel houses during 1984-1993 . Due to the high-rise buildings and low building density  there are large unexploited so called “night” spaces. Before the destruction the area of ​​the housing stock was approximately 647,406.08 square meters. Due to the fact that Northern Saltivka is a so called “sleeping” area of ​​the city, most of the residents are forced to go to work to the center or other areas of the city. Such kind of housing development made Kharkiv heavy traffic much more heavier.

The main idea is to implement a city block residential development with public buildings of mixed use, which include commercial and office spaces. This will help solve a number of important problems, in particular, the uncomfortably high height of buildings, the lack of normal public spaces, the problem of “nobody`s” yards and   the socialization of the inhabitants. Moreover, such a development will bring Kharkiv closer to the European format of life, where the idea of microdistricts was rejected several decades ago.

By increasing the density of buildings and reducing the height (up to 6 floors), we get a larger area of ​​residential buildings – 1,338,916 sq.m. Special attention is paid to the organization of the spaces of the inner courtyards, and as an outcome of it temporary parking zones are provided. Additionally, the projects of residential complexes have parking lots on the ground floors, as well as a hidden garbage collection system. Bomb shelters have been designed in the city blocks.  For the survived existing residential buildings a method of integrating them into the new building is provided by using the hinged facade systems.

By setting aside trade and commercial zones and mixed-use buildings with a total area of ​​750,000 – 900,000 square meters we create conditions for a comfortable life, where everything is close to home. Thus, the traffic flow is checked. It is made, firstly, due to the neighborhood development and, secondly, due to the fact that there is a connection between commercial and residential areas. Also, to reduce traffic and improve transportation logistics, we suggest developing a public transport network with a separate lane for trolleybuses and buses. In order to reduce the use of personal cars, a safe and comfortable network of bicycle paths has been designed.

Schools, kindergartens and polyclinics are designed in accordance with the established accessibility radii and the number of residents. An alternative to the Soviet typical school projects is offered.  Special attention is paid to safe and convenient bomb shelters on the territory of the complexes.

Public spaces have the prospects of development through the neighborhood development in the form of courtyards of residential complexes around the trade and commercial zone. This area is magnificent thanks to Manzhosiv Yar nature water source with a picturesque landscape around it.

Residentional city block
Trade and commercial zones
Educational institutions 
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Maksym Muratov
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