A modern office can no longer serve exclusively as a workplace, today it is a business card that should make the first impression on customers, reflect the corporate culture or create it. Creating a bright and recognizable, yet laconic picture, this was the task while working on the PB Office project. One of the key principles for the customer was the comfort of employees, which greatly influenced both the general atmosphere and specific technical solutions.

1sr floor

Three main colors were chosen for this project: white, black and yellow, the interior of the whole project is based on a combination of these colors in different proportions. For example, the entrance area, a small contrasting room, consists of black paint and white decorative plaster. The reception area stands out by relief plaster panels and a metal strip on the reception. Significant accents are linear lamps under the ceiling, which create a bright geometric composition.

2nd floor

It was important for PB Office to make optimal use of space to balance workspaces with seating areas. The boundaries between these zones are conditional, and serve for visual order rather than physical demarcation. For example, corrugated glass was used for partitions between workplaces, and some recreation areas were separated by racks or simple linear lighting. Such solutions allow us to save space, let in daylight and, all in all, simply make the office less strict and more modern.

3rd floor

Appreciating the balance between life and work, however, we should not consider these concepts mutually exclusive, work should be an organic part of life, as we are told by such dotted boundaries between zones. Another condition that influenced the design decisions: the staff has only part of the office, some workplaces are intended for rent, so the interior should be expressive, but balance between individuality and versatility.


The basement is intended for relaxation, there is a full-fledged kitchen, shower and two isolated cabins for sleeping, “living at work” no longer seems such a bad idea. For a room deprived of natural light, white has traditionally been chosen as the main color. The kitchen is a separate area, it stands out due to black facades and stainless steel surfaces. PB Office consists of three colors, geometric patterns and free planning, so came the office, which makes work one of the areas of life, and does not force you to choose between them.

  • Facts and figures
  • Team
  • Project PB Office
  • Location Ukraine, Kharkiv
  • Year 2021
  • Status In progress
Maksym Muratov
Tanya Borodaienko
Kateryna Yashykhina
Alina Leonidova