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If we try to explain minimalism by analogy, we come to short stories: a composition of two or three pages, which in accurate metaphors and with minimal means, expresses the whole essence of the story. Minimalism is not about rejection of words, but about choosing them carefully. SH Apartment became a story about a family which wanted to get a simple but not simplistic picture of their everyday life. Simplicity was an end-to-end principle for this project, it is felt both in the visual image and in the plan.

The project did not multiply the extra doors and corridors, we can get to the studio right from the hallway, the doors lead only to the bedrooms. The room consists of white paint and light veneer, the composition here is kept on a frame of black stripes throughout the room. A grid of luminaires built into the ceiling is organically superimposed on black stripes. Two materials are used to delimit the kitchen and living room, for the same purpose were arranged and different ceiling levels.


There is nothing superfluous in the master bedroom, this room is only about white walls, the bed, the panoramic window and the view through it. This room grows out of a modular grid: a soft headboard, wardrobe doors, a dressing table – all the furniture is subject to its geometry. It looks almost ascetic, and against such a background, even powder textiles seem to be a bright accent. The bedroom of the SH Apartment is about an exception, which only confirms the rule: against the background of a solid clean canvas and clear geometry, the bed looks especially soft and tactile, and delicate fabric, in turn, as an exception, only emphasizes the comprehensiveness of mesh and white paint.

Instead, the kid’s room is the last one that can be associated with such reticence. There is always a question: how to reconcile the island of a child’s private space with a holistic picture? In case of the SH Apartment, the same materials were used as for the studio, but they were complemented by a graphite accent wall with an unobtrusive pattern. Such a room is also unlikely to be only the bed and the view from the window, so a transparent partition separates the beds from the workplace, creating separate areas for rest and study.

  • Facts and figures
  • Команда
  • Project SH Apartment
  • Location Ukraine, Kharkiv
  • Year 2017
  • Status Finished
  • Photo Ivan Avdeenko
Maksym Muratov
Tanya Borodaienko
Yana Rogozhynska