Residence for a couple with a child should create a perfect balance between privacy and hospitality – this was the main principle of creating an apartment on a quiet street in the center of Kharkiv. The premises are divided into common and private blocks: the first one includes a studio, kitchen and guest bedroom, the second one consists of master and children’s bedrooms. Both units are served by separate bathrooms – this was an important wish of customers. The bedrooms are autonomous spaces: each of them has not only a place for rest, but also places for work, sports or coffee and plenty of storage space. The studio is divided into a soft and a dining areas and a separate small kitchen.


Warm colors, comfortable materials and streamlined shape were chosen for the rooms. The studio and kitchen use two types of veneer and red accents, which resemble the colors of wheat and ripe apples – through such associations the apartment becomes cozy and hospitable. One of the walls is decorated with marble textured wallpaper and, so turns into a large canvas, which separates the living area. The main source of light are spotlights, which give a soft diffused light, close to natural.

There was no need for a large kitchen, so it is compactly hidden in a “pocket” and serves as an exclusively technical room. The kitchen gradually flows into the dining area, which is associated with the living room. The window to the entire height of the floor offers a fabulous view of the historic city center, which invites you to distract from the screens and enjoy live communication and contemplation – a table for six people was needed by the hosts to have guests. The division into zones is realized not only due to the planning and arrangement of furniture – for each zone there are local light sources that set a particular mood.

A separate guest bathroom was an important condition of the project: the required minimum area was allocated for it, but to visually compensate for this, white tiles, corrugated glass and mirrors were chosen to decorate the walls. The only dark element here is a sink made of stone.

Master bedroom

The main stroke used in the master bedroom is the alternation of deep, dark shades with light, almost linen ones – it makes the room expressive and at the same time continues the theme, started with warm colors of the studio. The dominant feature in this room is a soft headboard designed by the authors of the project. The room has elongated proportions, so in order to make its geometry more interesting, a decorative lighting  above the bed as an additional light source was arranged.

Master bathroom

The master bathroom is monochrome with a touch of balanced accents. As in the guest bedroom, restrained colors are not equal to monotony – the room is varied with textures of marble and tile patterns. Two mirrors have not only a functional role, by reflecting a black tile on the white wall of the opposite wall, they set the vertical rhythm of this room.

Guest bedroom

The guest bedroom differs from the rest of the rooms by its restraint. This is a small bright room, one of the walls is decorated with plaster panels, their texture resembles flutes. On the next wall, this vertical rhythm turns into folds of textiles – a simple color scheme is complemented by a specific geometry.

Child's bathroom

The child’s room is executed in warm neutral tones, the interior is designed in such a way that there is no need to make a lot of changes as the child grows. There is a spacious bed, a comfortable workplace with natural light, a Swedish wall and plenty of storage – universal things needed at any age.

  • Facts and figures
  • Team
  • Project GW Apartment
  • Location Ukraine, Kharkiv
  • Year 2021
  • Status In progress
Maksym Muratov
Alesya Manko
Arina Pinchuk