The 132 m2 apartment consists of two separate flats – this planning feature made it possible to implement the main idea of the project: the area of the room corresponds to the amount of time owners would like to spend there. In addition to increasing the area, there was another reason for this decision – each room, including bathroom, got access to loggia.


Due to the fact that the studio is a place where owners plan to spend a lot of time, it will be appropriate to divide it into separate zones and develop lighting scenarios for each of them. For all the rooms the main source of light are ceiling spotlights, but therefore the studio is divided into zones of the hallway, living room and kitchen, in order to create the necessary atmosphere for each of them additional lighting was introduced.

In zones of the hall and living room, forming light is backlit around the perimeter of the room, which creates a feeling of comfort and tranquility. Same forming role for the kitchen area plays bright pendant lights  above the island. For walls facing were used milled MDF panels and cooper decorative details, which bring divided zones in one picture.

Master bedroom

Master bedroom is a room designed exclusively for relaxation: there is no workplace or TV. The walls are decorated with a decorative coating imitating microcement, the room is maintained in the dull tones that are typical of the bedroom.

Child's room

Child’s room is a bright and spacious room, which can be easily transformed over time. There is enough storage and careful division into zones for work and rest. Veneered plywood and a transparent graphite coating on which you can paint are used to decorate the walls. Unlike the parents’ bedroom, the nursery is supposed to be a separate island, a full-fledged personal space.


An important wish of customers was a spacious bathroom. It is divided into shower and bath areas, and there is enough storage space. Porcelain and natural stone are used for walls and floors.

  • Facts and figures
  • Team
  • Project GP Apartment
  • Area 132 m2
  • Location Ukraine, Kharkiv
  • Year 2020
  • Status In progress
Maksym Muratov
Olha Muzyka
Anna Andrianova