AL House

The AL House project is three one-storey houses, two of which are intended for the owners and one for the guests. They are located on a gentle slope, so to place them on the same level, each is raised on piles. Such specific conditions have become one of the advantages of the project, due to which at first glance it seems that the houses are floating in the air. The composition itself consists of simple forms, the facades are decorated only with plank and black metal, materials that would not conflict with the natural environment. Glass also plays an important role, panoramic windows make the facades almost weightless in appearance.

  • Facts and figures
  • Team
  • Project AL House
  • Year 2020
  • Location Ukraine, Kharkiv
  • Status In progress
Maksym Muratov
Tanya Borodaienko
Kateryna Yashyhina
Anna Andrianova